Become a driving instructor

So, you want to be a driving instructor? You’d like to embark on a new career, where no two days are ever the same? You’d like to be your own boss, with long-term security and loads of job satisfaction? Yes, yes and yes?

Becoming a driving instructor is the perfect choice for anyone with great people skills and a knack for giving advice. It’s ideal if you’re enthusiastic about driving, and it’s a superb method of working the hours that suit your lifestyle.

Best of all, it’s the way to choose your own path. To choose your own career.

Becoming an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) means you can build your own business and control your own goals. As a driving instructor, you can work daytimes, evenings or weekends, part-time or full-time. You can continually meet new people. You can look for driving instructor jobs anywhere in the country. Put in the effort, and as a driving instructor you can realistically earn £35,000 per year.

Your future success is down to you – you and the driving school franchise you choose.

With a constant stream of fresh pupils (the population is ever-increasing), government proposals to improve driving standards (learner drivers will require more hours’ tuition before being allowed to take a test) and a greater call for retraining (for elderly or unconfident motorists and those who’ve been banned), the UK’s need for driving instructors will only increase.

Become a driving instructor with Driving Works and you’ll be investing in a qualification that’s yours to keep. You’ll also take pride in the knowledge that your skills are helping to shape the nation’s road safety. As the Driving Works motto declares, we’re dedicated to making better drivers.

How to become an ADI

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