Practice makes perfect


Get the most from your driving lessons with Driving Works’ tips for success

Learning to drive takes time, money and masses of commitment – so it’s essential to get the best from your lessons.

Popular Lincoln driving instructor Martin Wake has invaluable advice for making the most of your sessions behind the wheel. Martin, who runs the Driving Works school of motoring, reckons it’s vital to immerse yourself in your lessons.

“Get involved in what you’re learning,” he says. “Think about what you’re being taught and how it affects your driving.”

A good instructor will give pupils plenty of feedback throughout their lessons, using positive reinforcement to build confidence. Modern road systems and traffic conditions can overwhelm learners, and nerves are a major factor for test failures. Remember, your instructor is always alongside to supply support and has a car with dual controls to prevent any dangerous situations.

A key to conquering fear is being encouraged to push your abilities every time you take a lesson. If you need a break, don’t be afraid to say so. If you’re struggling with a technique, try again later. Discuss the session with your instructor, and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

It’s a good idea to vary your lesson times to experience differing traffic levels, and this time of year is ideal for sampling all manner of driving conditions. Martin adds, “I advise timing a lesson to drive from daylight through dusk until night time.”

Most importantly, don’t forget about driving as soon as you get out of the car. Most instructors give learners homework to prepare for their next sessions, and Driving Works even provides pupils with a comprehensive beginner’s pack.

Martin says, “Match your time spent in the car with the same amount of theory work. Watch other people driving whenever you have the opportunity.”

Finally, if you get the chance it’s also great to take additional lessons with competent friends or family. Just remember your professional instructor’s advice, and don’t slip into bad habits.

Making the most of your sessions gives the maximum value for money – and provides perfect preparation for passing your driving test.

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