What is Driving Works?

Driving Works isn’t just a driving school. We’re not a faceless corporation, and we’re not a load of fuddy-duddy driving instructors with string-backed gloves and an obsessive insistence on push-pulling our ten-to-two steering wheels.

No, Driving Works is precision-engineered by a team of motoring experts, designed and built to produce professional promotional materials and specialist support for all of our driving instructors.

We’re geared up for tuition, and we’re dedicated to delivering the greatest results. We give personal attention to our clients, and we’re always on hand for advice. We’re fully committed to your driving school franchise.

In fact, you could say we’re like a state-of-the-art production facility. We’re a well-oiled machine making great drivers, not an assembly line in a factory of robots. And, what’s more, we’re all car geeks: we love nothing more than to get behind the wheel.

It’s fresh. It’s friendly. It’s Driving Works.

How we built Driving Works

The foundations for Driving Works were laid when Lincoln driving instructor Martin Wake teamed up with Cars PR, a bunch of marketing experts with wide experience of the UK automotive sector.

Within minutes we’d clicked. Within hours we had a plan. And that plan was Driving Works – the smart, funky driving school that’s dedicated to making better drivers. The friendly, flexible driving school that’s committed to delivering unbeatable results for our driving instructors.

Driving Works franchisees are backed by our top team of industry specialists, each one on call to provide a tailor-made service. Our hand-picked squad combines all the skills of a great driving school with the creative talents of Cars PR. Adding a little accountancy advice and business expertise, we’re here to give personal, professional support for your driving school franchise.

Job: chief driving instructor.
Expertise: highly-trained ADI with more than two decades’ experience as a driver. Patient and approachable, Martin pushes all the right buttons to get the best out of pupils. Also a dab hand behind the wheel of any kitchen appliance.
Essential info: Martin established Driving Works.
Ultimate driving school car: Ford Fiesta, of course!

Job: creative director.
Expertise: Mac-addicted graphic designer with an art degree and incredible pencil power. Worked on many of the UK’s top motoring magazines, not to mention brochures for Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche. Try not to ask whether she prefers horses or cars…
Essential info: Sarah designed the Driving Works brand.
Ultimate driving school car: Lotus Elise.



Job: copywriter.
Expertise: pen-pushing, book-writing motoring journalist with direct mail background and trainspotter-type enthusiasm for dictionaries. Spent more than 15 years on roads and racetracks making notes about cars. Tough life, isn’t it…
Essential info: Dan named Driving Works.
Ultimate driving school car: TVR Tamora.

Job: accounts bloke.
Expertise: definitely not your usual accountant! Alan is powered by petrol, preferring Yank musclecars and big motorbikes to pressing buttons on his calculator. Only just, though. Only just.
Essential info: Alan ensures we’re all paid.
Ultimate driving school car: Shelby Mustang.

Chris S
Job: web programmer.
Expertise: HTML, jQuery and CSS aren’t just geeky computer terms. To Driving Works’s programmer Chris, they’re like part of the family. Chris turns pretty pictures into websites, words into code, and waves into his highway. Surf on, dude!
Essential info: Chris put this page online.
Ultimate driving school car: split-window VW Beetle (with roof rack).

Chris W
Job: photographer.
Expertise: flashy, Nikon-powered, bleach-haired snapper, specialising in automotive and portrait photography. Focused on maximum exposure, and worked for well-known motoring mags. Trained by the best in the business.
Essential info: Chris snapped all the Driving Works promo shots.
Ultimate driving school car: Porsche 911.