How to become an ADI

You’ve decided to become a driving instructor, and you’d like to set the wheels in motion. But what’s involved in becoming a driving instructor, and what exactly is an ADI?

Well, first things first: an ADI is an Approved Driving Instructor, as defined by the government’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). An ADI (or licensed trainee) is the only type of instructor who may legally charge a fee for driving tuition.

To qualify as an ADI you need to pass a series of tests that prove you’re not just a competent driver, but also capable of teaching people to drive – from hands-on skills behind the wheel to in-depth knowledge of theory testing.

Make no mistake: this isn’t an easy ride. Becoming a driving instructor requires real commitment, lots of study-time, plenty of practice and a fair amount of money. You’ll almost certainly need to be trained by an existing ADI, and it’s vital to find a reputable tutor you can trust.

Driving Works offers driving instructor training courses to give your new career the best possible start. With your own driving school franchise available once you’ve qualified as an ADI, Driving Works provides the perfect package of tuition, support and a fulfilling future career.

ADI must-haves

To become a driving instructor you’ll need…

  • No previous experience – although decent driving skills will help.
  • A full driving licence, held for at least four years.
  • To be aged 21 or over.
  • No more than five penalty points on your driving licence. The fewer the better!
  • No history of driving bans within the last four years.
  • To be a ‘fit and proper’ person in the eyes of the DVSA – ideally with a clear criminal record.
  • Commitment to spend your own time and money on good-quality instructor training.
  • To pass a series of DVSA qualifying tests.
  • A professional, approachable manner. Patience is a virtue!
  • Your own get-up-and-go. Without motivation, you’ll be stuck in neutral.

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