Parents’ guide to Lincoln driving lessons

Teaching your kids to drive? In Lincoln, driving school Driving Works is here to help.

At Driving Works we believe parents bring great benefits to their offspring’s driving lessons by getting involved in the whole learning process. From selecting a driving instructor to providing practice in the family car, your guidance can boost confidence and overall driving ability in what is essentially a stressful time for any student.

Driving Works encourages parents to play an active role in choosing your child’s driving school, for complete peace of mind. Is the instructor a fully-qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)? Does the driving school have a high pass rate? Is the instructor easy to get on with? Do the driving lessons cater for beginners, as well as experienced learners? Is the driving school car modern, safe and reliable? Are the prices competitive, and are there any discounted packages or driving lesson deals?

Keep a regular eye on your child’s driving lessons, ensuring they’re making good progress as the days or weeks go by. Make sure, too, they take time to study the theory of driving, and understand the need to be safe on our roads.

Driving Works encourages parents to sit in on their children’s driving lessons in Lincoln. From time to time we’ll invite you to come along for the ride, which will help you to appreciate the latest driving techniques and test requirements – as well as allowing you to see how smoothly your child is learning to drive.

What’s more, if you fancy providing a few hours’ tuition, this is the perfect opportunity to understand the learner’s needs and any particular areas of driving in which they could improve. Driving Works believes that extra practice with family and friends will not only advance a student’s driving experience, it will also increase familiarity with different cars and in turn boost their confidence – an essential element to getting a driving licence.